Biographies drafted by ChatGPT (no single edit), with the consent of the speaker

Ilana Cicurel, MEP 

David Goodhart, author of Head, Hand, Heart

Kilian Gross, European Commission civil servant

Pär Lundström, Senior advisor at the Swedish association of installers

Thierry Geerts; Country Director at Google

Brando Benifei, MEP

Troels Blicher Danielsen, Danish CEO Tekniq

Josh Bone, executive director at ELECTRI International 


MEP Ilana Cicurel’s bio: coming soon!

David Goodhart

Request: Write a short biography (maximum 150 words) of British author David Goodhart and mention his book “Head, Hand, Heart”. Do it in a journalistic style, as if it were a press article.

David Goodhart: A Pivotal Voice in Contemporary British Discourse

LONDON – David Goodhart, the trailblazing British journalist and acclaimed author, continues to shape the national conversation on politics, immigration, and identity.
The founder of “Prospect” magazine, which under his leadership from 1995-2010 became a beacon of intellectual discussion, Goodhart’s influence doesn’t end there. His seminal book, “The Road to Somewhere,” offers piercing insights into societal divides and the undercurrents leading up to momentous events like Brexit.
Yet, it’s his recent work, “Head, Hand, Heart: The Struggle for Dignity and Status in the 21st Century,” that has garnered considerable attention. Here, he critiques the West’s overemphasis on cognitive roles, arguing for a more balanced appreciation of manual and caregiving professions.
As debates around societal structures and values rage on, Goodhart’s perspective remains as relevant as ever, solidifying his stature as a defining voice in the evolving British socio-political

By NOVA, the artificial facilitator of the 2023 Installers’ Summit

PäR lundström

Request: Based on this interview (attached copy), can you draft a short biography (maximum 150 words) of Pär Lundström who is currently a Senior advisor at the Swedish association of installers?

Pär Lundström serves as a Senior Advisor at the Swedish Association of Installers (Installatörsföretagen). With a deep understanding of the role the installation sector plays in electrification and energy efficiency, he recognizes its centrality in Sweden’s climate transition efforts. Pär envisions buildings of the future acting as “thermoses”, storing heat even without energy
input, thanks to advancements in technical insulation. As an expert on competence provision, he believes the sector needs to evolve rapidly, incorporating skills to install solar cells, charge pillars, and
adjust heating systems in properties. He raises alarms about the prevailing skills shortage in the industry, warning that it could impede Sweden’s climate goals. Pär advocates for enhanced training opportunities, increased educational placements tailored to the industry’s needs, and greater awareness among public procurement officials to prioritize new technology over outdated systems. His commitment to climate transition and the role of the installation sector is unwavering.


Request: Write a short biography (maximum 150 words) of European Commission civil servant Kilian Gross, who is currently Head of the Unit dealing with “AI policy, development and coordination”. Each sentence should be 10 words long.

Kilian Gross serves at the European Commission with distinction. He leads the Unit for “AI policy, development and coordination.” His expertise shapes the EU’s trajectory in artificial intelligence. Kilian champions policies that push boundaries while respecting European values. Navigating challenges, he merges innovation with Europe’s core principles. His leadership ensures Europe’s position in the AI frontier. Throughout his tenure, ethical considerations remain at the forefront. His strategies balance rapid innovation with societal responsibility. His role underscores the EU’s
commitment to digital futures. Under his guidance, AI policies promote both growth and transparency. Kilian ensures AI evolution aligns with European societal needs. His influence extends beyond policy, inspiring AI enthusiasts and policymakers. Kilian’s efforts fortify the EU’s standing in international AI discourse. His vision will undoubtedly shape European AI for years to come.

Brando Benifei

Request: Write a short biography (maximum 150 words) of Member of the European Parliament Brando Benifei, mentioning his role as rapporteur of the AI act and incorporating metaphors related to
maritime ports and the sea (to hint at his birthplace La Spezia)

Brando Benifei, serving as a beacon in the European Parliament, masterfully navigates the vast seas of European politics much like a seasoned mariner steering through uncharted waters. With the AI
Act as his flagship, for which he stood as co-rapporteur, Brando aims to anchor the realms of technology and human rights firmly within the safe harbors of regulation. His advocacy for social rights and employment acts as a lighthouse, guiding ships lost in the stormy waters of social disparity back to the serene shores of justice. Ever the vigilant harbor master, Brando’s dedication to youth ensures that every vessel, no matter how small, finds its rightful berth in the bustling port of opportunity. Steering Europe’s legislative ship with a compass set on innovation and inclusivity, he’s committed to docking it at the pier of a brighter, unified future.

Thierry geerts

Request: Write a short biography (maximum 150 words) of Thierry Geerts. Each sentence should start with the letters from the following sequence T.H.I.E.R.R.Y.G.E.E.R.T.S.

Thierry Geerts stands as a luminary in the digital domain.
Holding the position of Country Director for Google Belgium and Luxembourg, he’s been transformative.
Inspiring many, Thierry promotes the vast potential of the digital age.
Emphasizing its influence, he’s authored “Digitalis,” envisioning a connected future.
Real-world applications of tech and its societal impact are his focus.
Respected widely, his leadership at Google extends beyond mere business.
Yearning for change, he champions digital education across societies.

Global digitization and its opportunities are his frequent discourse topics.
Each initiative he undertakes emphasizes tech’s role in societal evolution.
Exploring the tech landscape, he’s a beacon for many in the industry.
Recognized for his vision, Thierry continually pushes for innovation.
Through his efforts, he underscores the need to adapt and grow.
Striving for excellence, he remains a pivotal figure in the digital transformation journey.

Troels blicher danielsen

Request: Write a short biography (maximum 150 words) of Danish CEO of Tekniq, Troels Blicher Danielsen, using handball metaphors (he’s a handball fan).

Troels Blicher Danielsen, akin to a star player in Denmark’s handball arena, captains the team at Tekniq, the country’s leading association for electrical and installation businesses. As the playmaker CEO, he doesn’t just pass the ball; he crafts strategies that shoot goals for sustainable and innovative solutions. Under his watch, Tekniq doesn’t play defense; it’s always on the offense, collaborating with educational institutions and regulatory bodies. Much like a seasoned handball coach, Blicher Danielsen ensures his team is agile, adapting swiftly to industry changes and scoring victories for both businesses and consumers. In the court of Denmark’s technical installation industry, his leadership style and game tactics have positioned Tekniq to consistently hit the target, establishing it as a top player in European markets.

Josh bone

Request: Based on the following interview (attached copy), draft a short bio (max 150 words) of Josh Bone and mention that he is from the USA

Hailing from the USA, Josh Bone stands as a trailblazing figure in the construction technology realm, serving as the executive director at ELECTRI International. Bone emphasizes the pivotal role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D modeling in the industry, advocating for their comprehensive integration into projects for enhanced success. His vision extends to the full potential of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), foreseeing it as an indispensable tool for efficient project completion. With a discerning eye on the future, Bone acknowledges the increasing
significance of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation in the sector. He believes that automating processes, especially data capture, can revolutionize decision-making and project execution. By championing the synergy of people, process, and technology, Bone envisions a future where enhanced communication, trust, and early problem detection lead to unprecedented project successes.

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